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moments of haven AC199 part 1 - the turnip patch
version 2.0
moments of haven AC199 part 1

~~ Moments of Haven ~~
AC199 Part 1

Back in Town
Ding dong, the x'mas arc is dead!  Yay, my boys are back in town. *snugs* Ironically, I was glad to be out of that wretched arc because it meant I could go back to writing short fluffy little things, and yet here this is, another long, rambly thing.

The Young and the Restless
Duo catches up with a friend between one thing and the next.

A Hard Day's Work
The guys get some late night exercise, and work out some jitters.

Beer and Skittles
Ever since I heard that phrase, I've been wanting to use it.  Which is, of course, a terrible reason to put it into a fic, but whatever.  This part lacks any other oomph, anyway, but it needed to be written.

Heero's so adorable when he's talking about choking people out.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme
They spice things up in the kitchen.

Calling Dibs
So not what I was intending to write.  Or maybe it's just a prelude that got long enough that I ran out of juice.  Whatever.  Working on a day off.

Lesson Plans
Syllabi are so very limiting sometimes.

A Long and Winding Road
No armadillos were harmed in the making of this part.  I can't speak for that fuzzy animal, though...

Valentine's Day AC199
Err, it's about Valentine's Day AC199.  Too lazy to come up with a more interesting title.  Also saves me from having to come up with an interesting summary.  =p

School Supplies
A shopping spree at the drug store.

The boys get hot and sweaty in front of an audience.

The boys warm a bench.  Duh.  Probably could have just turned this into a dialogue fic.

Kiss It Better
After the hurt comes the comfort, right?

Unexpected Guest
I felt like getting someone else's point of view for a little while.  Sadly, Heero and Duo continued to dominate the conversation.

Nine Lives
There I go, attempting to explain their relationship again, but this time, hopefully for the edification of someone other than the audience.  And then we get a scene oddly reminiscent of one from additive identity.  But with a better ending.

Brussel Sprouts
Man, I'm really hurting for titles here.  The guys send Wufei off with talk of brussel sprouts and Heero's protective streak.

Age and Good Looks
No, really, the guys actually send Wufei off this time.  Casual conversation about growth and other things on the way back to base to drop him off.

First Date
We're way beyond the first date by now, but that's never stopped anyone before, right?  (especially since i'm totally lying about this being their first date...)

So Very Backwards
Sometimes it's okay that things don't turn out at all like we expected.

Splitting Hairs
Considering hairs split all the time, and on their own, too, I'm not sure why 'splitting hairs' should be indicative of anything in particular.  But oh well.

More or less, the anticipated rumble.

Watering Hole 1  2  3  4  5
After the rumble.

Paying Up
Time to settle up after the day's betting.

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