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fic - obligatory bully scene [dorm] - the turnip patch
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fic - obligatory bully scene [dorm]
Title:  Obligatory Bully Scene
Series:  Moments in a Dorm Room
Summary:  Why does it seem like every high school fic has a bully in there somewhere?

Obligatory Bully Scene
A Moment in a Dorm Room

He had been waiting for it for so long that, when it finally happened, he was no longer surprised.  The only thing that caught him offguard was the reason for it.

"Hold it right there, punk."  The loud, arrogant voice rang out behind him in the space between academic buildings.

Duo rolled his eyes, then turned around to face his accuser.  It was no surprise that the teenager standing with his hands crossed aggressively over his chest was Rick.  The guy was a rebel without a cause, looking to pick an easy fight, and though Duo had been a rebel himself, he had had a cause -- a damn good one, in fact -- and hence had no sympathy for the moron.  Duo had known it was only a matter of time before the jock's attention turned to him.  Finding the situation to be slightly absurd, he would have turned around and left, only he could hear the sound of footsteps closing in behind him.  Without a doubt, Rick would not attend a confrontation without his cronies to back him up.

Duo was irritated, yes, and in no mood to deal with this sort of nonsense, but in a twisted sort of way, it reaffirmed his faith in the universe.  He had been expecting this, and it was good knowing that some things never changed, no matter what crazy direction the world was trying to go.  He borrowed a page from Yuy's book and lifted an eyebrow at the boy as if to say, 'who, me?'

From the way Rick's jaw tightened, Duo could tell that that was not the anticipated response.  "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Duo blinked innocently back at the jock in response.  There were simply far too many amusing ways in which he could have answered, but most of them were rather inflammatory, and he'd hold off on those until he needed them.

"I'll teach you not to mess with me," Rick continued, eyes narrow as he overdramatically smacked his fist into his opposite palm.

"You and all your flunkies, you mean," Duo finally said.  At the pause in the boy's step, Duo gestured vaguely over his shoulder at the others, whose slow approach had halted with the momentary hesitation of their leader.  "Since it looks like this will be a group effort, I assume I'm supposed to learn not to mess with the whole lot of you lumped together."

That was a lovely insult to Rick's ego, and naturally he did not take it well.  The bully's hackles unsurprisingly rose with the need to reassert authority, and he cast a commanding look at his subordinates.  "A little runt like you?  I could take you myself, easy."

"Yeah?" Duo answered flippantly.  "And why?"

He managed to pull another confused look from his opponent.  "What the fuck?"

"Exactly," he agreed amiably.  "If we're going to commence with the pounding, I'd at least like to know what it's for."  Not that the reason was particularly important, nor that he couldn't think of one himself; only a morbid curiosity compelled him to ask, as if that way he could keep a better score.

The bully rallied again.  "You better stop shittin' with me, man," Rick growled.

"No, seriously.  To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"You fuckin' made a move on my girl's what you did!"

Duo blinked, suppressed a snicker, and then he couldn't help it.  He laughed, good and hard, and tried decently to keep it from becoming uproarious.  Of all the reasons in the world, the guy thought he was making a move on his girl?  It wasn't because he was a gundam pilot, or he had long hair, or he looked like a pansy, or he kept strange company, or he was a street rat, or he smelled, or he was a charity case, or he was getting special treatment, or any number of things.  All this bluster, because of a girl?

It wasn't even the truth, and that just made things more amusing.  Duo was familiar with Rick's slut of a girlfriend.  He had just rebuffed another of Nora's advances this very afternoon, in fact.  She'd been making eyes at him for weeks now, and it had graduated to outright flirtation when Rick hadn't been around.  Duo wasn't interested.  He had played the game at first, just because it was something new and normal, but the appeal of it quickly evaporated as the incredible shallowness of the pursuit became evident.  It wasn't just Nora, either.  Duo had gone through the motions with a handful of girls, and found each encounter disturbingly and increasingly unsatisfying.

As he put a stop to his laughter, he had to wonder if Rick had just become jealous of his girlfriend's fixation on another man, or if Nora had run off pouting to her boyfriend with allegations of misconduct.  This last time Duo had refused her, she stomped away with a very sour look on her face.  He was certain it wouldn't take much for a girl like that to get vindictive.  "For the record, I'd like to deny that," he choked out with good humor, knowing it would do nothing to deter the coming fight.  He just didn't want the accusation hanging there in his silence, with assumed guilt.  He had enough things he was guilty of without having to deal with ones undeserved.

Rick snorted.  "Whatever, man."  And the way it was dismissively stated made Duo think that Rick didn't believe it either.  It was an awfully convenient excuse to start the fight the bully had been itching for anyway.  The teenager bounced once on his toes, then rushed forward, arms positioned for a tackle.

The move was easily read far in advance, and Duo dodged nimbly out of the way, thinking idly to himself about the social implications of the attack.  In all honesty, he'd been expecting something a little more refined, like a punch, not something in a crude brawling style, but he supposed that was his own fault.  He'd been fighting or sparring against people with some degree of martial skill for far too long, and forgotten that boys in a schoolyard usually tried pushing each other harmlessly around until someone ended up on the floor getting pummeled.  Or maybe preppy schoolboys just knew better than to get into fistfights.  They were, after all, more difficult to overlook than a little 'friendly roughhousing', and knowing that Rick was related to some wealthy businessman, Duo got the feeling that a lot of the boy's indiscretions would be overlooked.

Rick stumbled, but recovered his balance with a clumsy finesse that spoke faintly to Duo of prior training in fencing.  It was just something in the way he centered himself, no matter the degree of unsteadiness.  With a scowl and a glare, he came again, a little more warily this time, leaving Duo to contemplate just how he should end the fight.  Even though he wasn't the one that had instigated the altercation, he knew he'd get in trouble for it with the government watchdogs if it became something significant enough to catch their attention.  He had just been on his way to meet the others and head on over to the base for their scheduled evaluations, so he was constrained even further.  Suspicions would definitely be aroused if he was sporting any visible bruises or soreness.  He knew he could get out of this without anything of the sort, but he needed to find some way that would both put Rick down with only minor injuries, and hopefully keep him from coming after him again.  The limitations only served to increase his annoyance levels.

He grabbed Rick's arm as it flew out at him, instinctively stepping to the outside as he did, but simultaneously repressing the instinct to strike open-palmed at the boy's elbow and break that arm, followed, perhaps, by a judicious jerk to dislocate his shoulder.  Instead, he spun with the movement and struck with a knifehand at the side of the boy's back, aimed unfortunately at the kidneys, but still with the presence of mind to avoid striking with enough pressure to cause any lasting damage.  He released his opponent and let the boy lurch nearly to his knees, still mindful of the other three boys Rick had brought along with him.  They seemed content enough to let their leader suffer the abuse for them.

When Rick regained his footing and turned once more to face his 'victim', his expression reminded Duo of Nora's as she had walked away.  Maybe they were a good match.  Not failing to take a hint, Rick was a little slower in the next round, and they circled each other, Duo in easy confidence, and Rick in attempted divination of Duo's weak points.

Duo got antsy as their stalking placed his back to Rick's cronies, but taking his eyes off of Rick would have been a bad decision, so he kept himself in a slightly turned ready position that left him better able to defend on both sides.  His focus, honed to a perfection in the midst of a battlefield full of distractions, did not waver in the slightest when an unexpected voice called out behind him.



"You're late."

Even if the voice had not been instantly recognizable, Duo could have identified the speaker as his roommate merely by the words he uttered, or the flat tone in which they had been delivered.  Duo's attention did not wander as he responded.  "Yeah, sorry about that.  Got distracted, as you can see."

Rick, on the other hand, was not so professional, and so diverted his eyes to the newcomer, leaving an opening Duo wished he could take advantage of without doing something unwise.  "Do you mind?" the jock said with anger and a pinch of petulance.  "We're in the middle of something."

Heero's eyes flicked assessingly over all participants and the audience, an action unnecessary since he had surveyed the situation the moment he had come across the scene, and then deliberately returned his gaze to Duo's side, which had managed to come back around again in the course of circling.  "How much longer do you think you'll be?" he asked his roommate, having to work to keep the terseness from his voice.  His head was aching annoyingly, as it seemed to at some level all the time these days, and already in a less than pleased mood from having to visit their parole officers, his tolerance for fools was a little lower than normal.

"Dunno.  Just gimme a minute, would ya?"

Heero decided that now would not be an appropriate time to point out the slang that had crept into Duo's words.  "Hurry it up.  The others are waiting."

"Got the message already, sheesh."

"What the fuck?" Rick said again, more weirded out by their casual demeanors than anything else.  "You guys are both such freaks!"

There was a single word that went ringing through both pilots' minds, and it was something suspiciously like 'duh'.

"Make sure he doesn't get in the way," Rick commanded his troops, getting back on track.  His stance lowered a notch to return to a ready position.

Heero merely raised an eyebrow at the fools that closed ranks in front of him, then proceeded to ignore them.  Despite his exhortations for a quick finish, he was well aware of why Duo didn't just take the boy out.  For a moment, he thought he was surprised by Duo's restraint and good sense, then realized he wasn't.  "What's this about, anyway?" he asked, wondering if it was about all of them, or just Duo.  If it was personal, he'd gladly stay out of Duo's way, but if it was relevant to the situation of all of the former pilots, he'd take a slightly more active role in the confrontation.

Duo chuckled darkly, his attention never wavering.  "He thinks I was trying to steal his girlfriend."  He had stolen a lot of things in his time, but a girl was not one of them.

"Were you?" Heero asked bluntly, aware of his roommate's social tendencies, and of how the girls cooed over him.

"If I were, I'd have gotten her."  She probably would have jumped into his arms without his even having to try, considering she was the one doing the pursuing in the first place.  Given the opposition of their dispositions, however, Duo refused to catch her, but that was completely irrelevant.

"Good point."

"Dude, will you guys shut the fuck up?!" Rick shouted irritably.  He directed his next words to his cronies.  "Shut him up!"

Rick went diving towards Duo again, and one of his henchmen suddenly developed a feral grin.  The other two hung back with a wary anxiety that reflected their wisdom.  There had been good reasons for why they had never messed with these two scary freaks before.  They would let their foolishly brave friend test the waters first.

Said foolishly brave friend threw a punch at the completely unimpressed Heero.  The former Wing pilot did not even waste the effort to dodge.  Instead, he caught the boy's fist and held it immobile.  He did not squeeze it in a smug display of power, nor apply strategic pressure to certain nerve clusters; he simply made it quite improbable that the boy could retrieve his hand from the rock-solid grip, much less move it at all.

Over the struggling boy's shoulder, and past the boy's two wide-eyed compatriots, Heero observed the primary fight.  Duo was dancing circles around the bully with effortless grace, his style a deceptively loose one that could trick an opponent into thinking he had no style at all.  While Duo could utilize the stricter forms of more ancient arts, he chose not to, and Heero approved, whether the decision was conscious or not.  Fighting with a street-wise, seemingly undisciplined sense would not be as conspicuous as something common knowledge held would require years of rigorous training to perfect.

Only as an afterthought did Heero consider that perhaps immobilizing his 'assailant' was conspicuous as well.  He shoved off on the boy, releasing him to the custody of his comrades, but consoled himself with the idea that, though he had shown them something odd and impressive, it, too, did not qualify as something popular media would label a martial art.

In the way that teenage boys can sometimes be silly creatures, the two previously intelligent creatures that had refrained from a direct encounter with Heero then chose to rush forth and engage him.  Although the first attack had been judiciously thwarted, their friend's bravado apparently inspired their own.  Heero was unable to assess their brawling skills with any degree of certainty since the two of them got in each other's way, and he was able to neatly sidestep and use one's stumbling momentum to trip him with a foot and nudge.  Then, reacting much more quickly than the last boy, who swayed with a stunned blink for a couple seconds too long, Heero timed a throw and sent him careening into Rick, just as the jock had been about to launch yet another unsuccessful lunge in Duo's direction.

Duo met his eyes over the bodies of their fallen schoolmates, a strange mix of emotions flitting across his face.

Heero shrugged.  "Are you done yet?"

Duo glanced disdainfully down at his sparring partner, who was still trying to get himself untangled from henchman number three, and who apparently thought copious amounts of swearing would assist him in that endeavor, then looked over at the other two, one of whom simply stared at them, and the other of whom had his hands held up in a backing off gesture.  Duo snorted.  "Yeah, sure."

They extracted themselves from the mess and continued on to their intended destination, but once they were safely away from the four stooges, Duo spoke to his companion without stopping, or even looking at him.  "I could have taken them by myself, you know."

"I know," Heero answered truthfully.

"Then why did you get involved?"

"We're late.  And they're the ones that dragged me into it."

"Which brings us to our next excellent point: why the hell did you pick just then of all times to get all talkative?"

"I was not distracting you.  If Rick had been a threat to you, I would not have spoken until he had been taken care of."  And the jock had found it rather obviously aggravating.  That may have been a small factor as well, whether because it was simply satisfying to piss him off, or because it gained them a tactical advantage.

"Yeah, until he had been taken care of by *me*," Duo continued to emphasize in a tone laced faintly with accusation and defensiveness.  "You didn't have to go taking him out for me."

"I did not do it for you.  The opportunity merely presented itself.  If you had been in serious danger, I would have assisted in a more deliberate manner."  Just as he was considering how many ways the fight could have turned ugly, and coming up with more than he really needed, he realized that the little tussle had somehow served to clear up his headache.  Well, perhaps he'd just been cooped up a little too long.  He preferred that possibility to the one that proposed he had needed a fight or a surge of adrenaline to clear his head.

"But I wasn't in any danger from him."  It was very important to Duo that they get that clear.  "I didn't need your 'assistance'."

"Of course not," Heero answered levelly.  "But if you had, it would have been yours."

Duo regarded him a little skeptically out of the corner of his eye, but let the matter drop as they closed in on their rendezvous point.

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hostilecrayon From: hostilecrayon Date: April 21st, 2010 02:47 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Of course not," Heero answered levelly. "But if you had, it would have been yours."

Coming from Heero, this speaks volumes. It made me think sappy things to come in the distant future. It spoke of a bond that I don't imagine Heero shares with very many people. He'd save a lot of people, but he'd 'assist' Duo. I could be reading too much into it, but it appears to be the voicing of a trust and acknowledgment of Duo's skills. Nicely done.

I totally could feel Duo's frustration, as I also was thinking he could so easily just break his arm or knock him unconscious. Or kill him outright. But that wouldn't benefit him in the long run. Having that much power with sudden total restriction of using it would have to be aggravating at the very least.

And Heero... poor Heero. Headaches suck, and it would appear the reason behind them sucks even more. It's very believable, though. I could see all of the pilots finding themselves with some sort of ailment from going from constant life threatening situations to... reading To Kill A Mockingbird and sitting in a dorm.

I love how Heero gets all chatty during the fight. That was just priceless! I could feel the kid's confused stupor at their actions. Freaks? Probably. But freaks who could kill you half asleep with Scarlett Fever. XD
turnippatch From: turnippatch Date: April 21st, 2010 09:06 pm (UTC) (Link)
Heh, 'foresight' is 20/20 in the case of Haven.  We all know they're going to end up together, so you may happily spend the entire series finding the hints of it wherever you please. ^o^ The entire series is pretty much plot-free because it was intended to be that series of tiny hints that eventually gets them together. ^__^

I'm sometimes too amused by watching the boys interact with 'normal' people.
2 comments or Leave a comment