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fic - proof by contradiction [haven] - the turnip patch
version 2.0
fic - proof by contradiction [haven]
Title:  Proof by Contradiction
Series:  Moments of Haven
Summary:  *sigh* I give up!  *resignedly sprinkles the sappy dust*  The two of them decided they had a better idea than I had, which I'll grant them is true, but it also ended up putting me a little ahead of schedule, damn them.  Maybe I'll go back and write some small bit of padding between this and the previous one some day.

Proof by Contradiction
A Moment of Haven

He couldn't say what was different this time.  He just happened to be walking down the hall at the right moment, and there it was, in all its newly meaningful glory.

He was no stranger to the sight.  It was not unusual for Heero to open the bathroom door after his shower to let the warm, moist air out.  Nor was it unusual for him to stand in front of the sink, toweling off his hair after a washing.  Nor was it unusual for him to do so after putting his shorts on, but before putting his shirt on.  He did so disapprove of dripping on his shirt.

And yet the familiar sight drew Duo forward, through the open door and into that hot and humid room, to let his fingers hover wonderingly over back and shoulder muscles that moved with delicious, well-tuned precision.

The movement of towel over hair slowed as Heero glanced at Duo in the mirror, and after a moment of no response, he lowered his arms, letting the terrycloth hang bunched up around his neck.

"'s funny, isn't it?" Duo mused idly, fingers moving south to trace over the mess of scars left in memory of an explosion at ground zero.  "A few months ago, this didn't mean a thing to me.  Well, I mean, it did, since it's attached to you and all, and obviously, it was a big, disturbing thing... but, you know.  Different.  Never wanted to touch it before.  Never wanted to..."  He trailed off for a moment, distracted by the paths of memory etched unfadingly upon Heero's skin.  A catalog sprang into being in his mind.  That one there on the side was a bullet graze.  Must have been a ragged piece of shrapnel that dragged its way just right of the line of Heero's spine.  Looked like flames nipped his flesh on the lower left side.  Only first degree burns, if Duo didn't miss his mark.  A slight discoloration marked Heero's right shoulderblade.  A scrape?  From a fall, or maybe a tight squeeze?

Duo blinked his attention back to his incomplete sentence.  "...Never wanted to *know* it all before.  Not like I just 'get it' all of a sudden.  Not like I never knew what it all means.  I know that just fine.  Personal experience and more.  But now... heh, it's like it's mine to know."

"It *is* yours to know."

He looked up at the quietly firm words to meet Heero's eyes in the mirror.  A few seconds of weighty consideration later, Duo smiled with just a small tilt in the corner of his mouth and a faint wrinkling around the eyes.  He moved to take up the ends of Heero's towel and finish the drying job.  "It's good, yeah?  That I like it 'cuz it's mine.  Well, yours, actually.  Yours and then mine.  Or whatever.  Point being, it wouldn't be just anybody's.  I think... it'd be kinda weird if I wanted to know just anybody's."  Since his hands were busy, he leaned forward to sample Heero's shoulder with a deep inhalation.  Its usual warmth was multiplied by the heat lingering from the shower, and it smelled faintly of the body soap with added moisturizer that Duo manfully refrained from poking fun at.  It was only in his self-interest, of course.  It softened skin that would soon be rubbing against his own.  A friendly tingle ran through his body at the thought.

Or maybe it was just the hormones.

Heero's eyes had fallen shut not long after Duo had taken up his task.  One hand held him braced against the edge of the sink as he basked in their closeness.  "Do you think such deep thoughts when you dry your own hair?"

"If I did, I'd have long since run out of deep thoughts."  Heero's hair took much less time than his own.  Duo arranged the towel over Heero's shoulders before reaching forward to take up the small comb on the counter.  He had to admit to a brief surge of jealousy when it swept through Heero's hair with nary a snag.  "What do you think when you play with my hair?"

"Mmm, I think of simple pleasures."

"Oh?  Am I a simple pleasure?"

Heero answered with a non-self-incriminating smile.  Duo was a pleasure, and perhaps that pleasure was simple, but Duo himself was far from simple.  Which, perhaps, yielded more pleasure.  Upon further contemplation, perhaps it was not so simple after all.  Complex in its simplicity?

Duo excused the non-answer in favor of playing with Heero's hair.  As soon as it was all smoothed in the proper directions, he took up the towel once more for some more careful drying, coupled with a desire to fluff.  It was an injustice for hair such as Heero's to lie flattened and tamed.  He put it back into some semblance of order with a few light passes with the comb, then returned for a little hand fluffing before the arrangement finally met his satisfaction.

Heero watched as Duo put so much effort into such a small thing, but made no move to put an early end to it.  Here, too, was simple pleasure, not to be questioned or interrupted.

A few strands were plucked from the towel and deposited in the trash before the towel was set to dry on the bar behind them.  When that task was completed, Duo felt no inclination towards leaving the bathroom.  Leaning against the wall beside the towel rack, he watched as Heero wet his toothbrush, applied the toothpaste, and started brushing.  Duo didn't find the brushing fascinating so much as the look of Heero's back as his arm moved with swift, efficient motions.  When the scrubbing was over, Heero leaned over the sink to rinse, and Duo caught the fleeting image on the inside of his eyelids as he blinked, the one that showed him bending Heero over the sink and doing unspeakable things to that freely offered body.

Whoa.  That was new.

He bit down on an amused smile as he continued his observation of Heero's nightly ablution and tried with some success not to think of what he had just thought.  He'd been fuzzy on the details anyway, despite the readiness of the impulse.  The hormones were getting ahead of him.  Lord knew what would happen if he let them have their way.  Their relationship hadn't gotten as far as it had by rushing things through.

They hadn't gotten this far by holding back, either.  After Heero dried his face, he took a final glance at the mirror to survey the relative hairlessness of his unshaven chin, and before he could leave, Duo sidled up right behind him and draped arms over his shoulders.

He shifted his embrace lower and encircled Heero around his elbows to gain better access to the back of Heero's ear.  The sweet smell of the jasmine-scented shampoo Heero continued to use made him smile against the warm skin.  His teeth lightly grazed the outer edge of Heero's ear and down to the lobe before his lips moved in a lazily kiss-like fashion down the column of neck, stopping short of moving across the shoulder to rest instead at the base.  The convenient niche seemed all too inviting to pass up.

As his mouth made its journey, his hands reflected a similar direction, starting with a dance across strong collarbones, and moving downwards indiscriminately over pecs and nipples with a pressure more confident than one might have expected for the previously unexplored territory.  His hands had wandered over abs, shoulders, lower and upper back, but never quite skin to skin with the upper front side.  It almost made him wish his t-shirt wasn't in the way of feeling Heero's back directly against his chest, but his hands alone were quite sufficient for the current task.  Perhaps the both of them being in an equal state of undress would put them on more equal footing, but Heero didn't seem to be complaining, if the drooping of his eyelids or the way his head was tilted indulgently to the side for more exposure was any indication of such things.

Duo's hands did not conduct a thorough investigation of their new playground.  Time enough for such things later, now that the barrier had been breached.  He let his hands continue their descent to the firm planes and bumps of Heero's midriff.  Looking up to catch Heero's hazy expression, he smiled.  The faint motion caught Heero's eye in the mirror, and he twitched his lips in response.

With good posture, Duo stretched a few extra centimeters out of his frame, enough to allow his mouth to wander down to get a solid hold on a clavicle.  He followed the line of it out to the curve of Heero's shoulder, retracting his hands just far enough to slip back and underneath the arms he held trapped.  Once those goals had been accomplished, he shifted his left hand first out to Heero's hip, and then slowly but surely along the line of where his leg met his body.

Setting his chin down upon recently tasted flesh, he made sure that Heero's gaze was intent upon him in the mirror, that there was awareness if not sharp alertness in those eyes, acknowledgment and even encouragement and maybe the tiniest bit of a dare, before he deliberately slid his hand over Heero's groin.

Once there, he wasn't quite as certain of his next move.  He rubbed it with an absently soothing air as he contemplated the warm bulge beneath his hand, then squeezed lightly.  Interpreting the careful breath he could feel Heero taking as a positive sign, he squeezed again, putting a little more movement into the action, and was pleased when Heero's attention seemed to focus inward.

It was a strange thing to move his hand thusly and not feel it upon his own body.  His hand spasmed a little with the unsettling mental flash of Heero playing with himself, and by the reflexive twitch of the body against his, he knew it had not gone unnoticed.  Biting his lip discreetly, he pretended he had intended to do that all along.  A little more companionable rubbing left Heero relaxing against him contentedly.  Satisfied, he retreated with one last friendly application of pressure.  The brief recon sortie was recorded as a mission success.

His hand moved, but could not leave the premises altogether.  He stood savoring the afterglow with a firm embrace, eyes closed, cheek upon Heero's shoulder, feeling the steady rhythm of Heero's breathing as if it were his own.  By the time Heero rubbed his cheek against Duo's hair, Duo had nearly fallen into a light doze.

He pushed the pleasant lassitude away and attempted to disengage -- 'attempt' being the operative word.  The embrace loosened, but he managed to put only a handful of centimeters between them, and even those were lost when Heero turned his head for a kiss.  Somewhere in the languor, he found the presence of mind to slide his hands back until they were resting on Heero's hips.

One thing at a time, he thought.  Next came the tongue.  It protested the loss of its playmate, but he was able to pull back because his mouth wasn't completely out of the action yet.  Traitorous creatures that his lips were, they were difficult to persuade, and in the end, he had to merely move them rather than remove, letting them continue their lusty advances against the corner of Heero's mouth, his chin, his jaw, his neck.  With one last burst of effort, he wrenched his lips off of Heero's skin and let his forehead come to rest against the back of Heero's shoulder as he recovered with shuddering breaths.

The repeated puffs of air against his back sent a shiver down Heero's spine as he leaned his weight against the sink in front of him to do a little of his own recovering.  In apology, or perhaps just another excuse to paw at him relentlessly, Duo recalled his hands once more and let them rub along Heero's back.  Feeling the need to focus, he concentrated on what had started the interlude, running through the library of scars in his head and trying to find them with his nimble, restless fingers.

At length, curiosity spurred him into stepping back far enough to observe the progress of his fingers.  Their tracks were not without accuracy, but it was soon left by the wayside in favor of more aimless wandering across a body held obligingly still and pliant.

Duo stared at a spot on Heero's back for a few seconds before he realized he was staring, and then it took a few more seconds for him to realize just what he was studying.  Given a few more seconds, he identified two more points of interest, and he laughed, the sound coming from some deep, warm pit within him.

Making good use of the mirror, Heero had never quite unfixed his eyes from Duo's image.  Now, he studied what he could see of the head behind him.  "What?" he asked at length.

Bright dark blue eyes popped up over his shoulder, followed by a mischievous grin.  Without looking, Duo ran fingers along the appropriate patches of skin.  "Gun shot wound.  Laceration.  Laceration.  Burn.  Cut...  And right here, here, and here..."  Fingers poked at his shoulder, his shoulderblade, and the middle of his back.  "Here, in the middle of all these glorious, hard-earned badges of honor... you've got pimple scars."

"What?" Heero said, a certain incredulity mixed with outrage and mirth.  He tried to look over his shoulder to see what Duo was talking about.

Duo laughed and tried to point them out to him.  "These are *so* the marks of popped zits."

"They are n--"  The response was automatic to Duo's teasing mockery, but why was he protesting again?

He was called on it.  "Trying to deny ever having gone through puberty, Yuy?  Come on, I know you're special, but you ain't *that* special."

"I'm not saying I am.  Just..."  In all his life, with all his worries, he'd never given a moment's thought to acne.

Duo was tickled by the utter mundanity of it all.  He leaned down to kiss the highest of those prosaic little marks, those tiny signs of the plain old normalcy within even the most extraordinary of men, and said what came to mind.  "I love you," he sighed contentedly.

He wasn't quite aware of what he had said until Heero twitched beneath his hands in some aborted reaction.  Looking up, he found the familiarly piercing blue gaze once again fixed upon his reflection.  The normally bland face was tinged with a faint wonder.  "You do, huh?"  It came out a little more husky than Heero had planned.

"Umm."  Well, Father Mac had said that he would probably know he meant it when he could finally say it without thinking, right?  He certainly hadn't thought about it, though now that he was thinking about it, he started wondering again about that line between brothers and lovers.  In the end, he decided on a great big 'meh'.  Damn the Greeks for dividing love into three different subtypes, anyway.  Maybe the difference was that a guy just didn't tell his brother that he loved him unless someone was about to die or something, but lovers could do it for no reason at all.  Yeah, that was as good a difference as any right now.  He'd ponder some more of the subtleties later, and probably spaz out about them, too.  But for now, he loved Heero.  He grinned as if a weight had just been lifted from him.  "I suppose I do."

"Hm.  That's good."  Heero let that sink in for a moment before he returned the smile, turning his head to direct the expression at the man himself rather than his reflection.  "I mean, I love you, too, Duo."

Duo made a sound that wasn't completely amused or besotted.  He tried to cover the undertones with a playful twist of his lips, but it still came out somewhat cynical.  "You just saying that because I did, or were you just sitting on it all this time?"

Heero went ahead with the fully wry snort.  "You really think I would be courteous enough to return the sentiment if I didn't really feel that way?  If I wanted nothing more to do with this, I'd tell you in some horribly blunt way that would probably scar you for life."

He thought that perhaps Heero was underestimating his social skills, but said nothing of the sort in favor of further uncertainty.  "...Well, what if you weren't sure yet, but didn't want to hurt my feelings?  I mean, I hope you'd care enough about me to at least think about not being cruel."  Heero was soft and squishy on the inside, after all, though not given to crafting comforting lies.

"Then I'd tell you to get back to me," Heero answered, his brow rising.  He cared about Duo significantly more than that.

"Then what were you..."  No, Duo knew exactly what he had been waiting for.  Heero'd been waiting for him to be ready to hear it.  The dear boy was considerate like that.  He set the rest of the questions aside in favor of turning Heero around right and proper to score a kiss face to face.

There was no protest from Heero, certainly.  He was happy to finally be able to move his arms and be a more active participant in the unfolding events.  One hand pulled Duo to him while the other slid into the base of Duo's braid.  Given the opportunity, however, his mouth seemed to have a problem deciding whether to smile or kiss, so he did both to the best of his ability, and it seemed Duo did the same.

When at last they gave up the compromise, Heero asked for clarification.  "So.  You love me for a few dermal blemishes?"

Duo made a show of considering it.  "Well... yep.  Among other things, maybe," he conceded.  "And you love me for... hm.  What inspired you?"


Duo spied sparkles of sappiness twinkling in his eye, and shot him a warning look.  Engaged in declarations of love they may have been, but that didn't mean he had to listen to the plainly sweet things that made him turn pink with both embarrassment and outrage.

If he didn't want to hear sappy answers, he shouldn't ask sappy questions, Heero thought.  He acknowledged the signal with a slight tilt of his head and said what he had intended to say.  He didn't deny that more flowery things had flitted across his mind, but he wouldn't have said them.  "Because of a few old pimples."

Duo frowned.  "That doesn't work if you knew it all this time, because that only just now came up, so you couldn't have based it on that."

Not pimples specifically, perhaps, but what they implied.  It was esoteric, though, so he stuck with a more concrete answer.  "It was the only acceptable explanation.  That's all.  Theoretically, love is a powerful, all-consuming, positive emotion.  If what I feel isn't love, then that would mean that there's something else out there that's even more powerful and all-consuming, and I don't think that's true.  I can't imagine it being true.  If it were, if there really were something more out there... or in here... that could get scary."

"As if it's not scary enough as it is," Duo muttered absently as he processed Heero's explanation.  After a few seconds, he blinked twice, then laughed.  "Oh my frickin' god, Heero.  You... you just proved you love me by contradiction.  You just used a goddamn proof by contradiction!  I can't believe you!  You... You are... Good god, I must love you if I don't find that absolutely absurd.  A proof by contradiction!"  He shook his head, still chuckling.

Heero wore a dry look.  "It's perfectly natural.  You just used one right there.  If you didn't love me, that must mean that you had some other reason for not finding it absurd, which in all likelihood implies that you're as 'nuts' as I am, which is something you've been denying for years."

"Get it right, babe.  I don't deny that I'm *as* nuts as you are.  Just that I'm as nuts in the same way."

"Very well," he agreed.  "But you'd have to be nuts in the same way to not find it absurd since I don't find it absurd at all, and since you reject that notion, you must be in love."

Duo tried to refute it, but couldn't deny the logic of his claim.  "Yeah, well, at least I didn't present it rigorously.  So there."  He stuck out his tongue.

Heero rolled his eyes.  "It isn't rigorous if I only assume that I can't feel any more strongly than I do.  It isn't rigorous if I accept it as valid because I want it to be true."

"You..."  Well, he couldn't pin all the blame on Heero.  Duo had really been the one to bring up the subject.  "You... you're like, like... like a tea nut!  My teanut."  A clueless look was his response, so he clarified.  "You know.  Like a cross between a teacup and a nut.  A teanut."

Blink.  Blink.  Open the mouth.  Close the mouth. Open it again.  Pause thoughtfully.  Try once more.  Give up.  "I'm just going to let that one slide."

Duo grinned, snuggling him.  "My little teacup of nuttiness."

Having let one go already, he could hardly let the other go as well.  "Little?"

"Well, yeah.  Tea cups are little.  I mean, who really drinks out of a tea stein?"  Though now that Duo thought about it, that might be handy.

"If all teacups are little, then they're not little.  They're standard-sized."

"Whatever you say, my standard-sized teacup of nuttiness."

Heero chuckled in resignation.  "Sometimes, I do find you absurd, Duo.  But I consider it to be a part of your charm."

"*I'm* absurd?  You're one to talk.  You're the teanut, after all."

"Hardly self-proclaimed."

Duo shrugged breezily and dropped the matter with a small smirk.  He had other things on his mind, and the teanut tangent had been exhausted.  Cuddling up more closely to Heero, he noticed they were still in the bathroom, but was far too comfortable to do anything about it.  "So... now what?"

"Now...?  How should I know?" Heero answered with a snort.

He shrugged.  "I dunno.  Aren't you usually the one with a plan?"

Heero wouldn't quite say that they had been working with a 'plan' so much as a 'philosophy'.  "What do we need a plan for?  Why is there even a 'now what?'"

"Nothing changes?" Duo asked, looking at him earnestly.

"Like what?"

Damn him for always asking the simple, difficult questions.  He thought about it for a while.  "Isn't this, like, a point of no return or something?"  Maybe he ought to stop thinking that, he thought.  He was starting to make himself nervous.  He took a deep breath of freshly cleaned Heero and waited for an answer that would calm the flutters.

There were a few seconds of silence before Heero ventured an answer.  "No?"

Argh.  "Not helping, Yuy."

Heero hadn't thought there was something to 'help' with.  He was just responding to a yes/no question, and tacked the interrogative sound on as a request for Duo's input more than anything else.  "A -- points of no return only matter if you're planning on returning.  And B -- well.  No."

Duo waited for three seconds before assuming that that was all there was to the second point.  "Perhaps you'd like to rephrase 'B'," he suggested, only mildly snide.

The opportunity was taken to organize his thoughts before Heero continued.  "We did, whether we realized it or not, right?  It didn't -just- happen.  So basically, today is no different from yesterday.  It follows that tomorrow should be no different from today.  In any measurable way, anyway."  It had to be different in some sort of way, however, or else every day would be the same and they would never make any progress at all.

Proof by induction, a small part of Duo's mind groaned.  "But what if..."  He wanted to revisit point A, but discovered he found its negation an even more unpleasant idea to contemplate, so he let the rest of the sentence die in a soft sigh.  They were Gundam pilots, after all, and hardly known for doing things in half-measures.  With his next breath, he offered a different proposal.  "Words are something, aren't they?"

"Words are limitations," Heero answered, proving it with a tender kiss.

Duo lingered in the follow-through.  "I'm not gonna be seeing everything tomorrow through rose-tinted lenses, am I?" he murmured practically against his partner's lips.

"I hope not."

"Good."  With a slight tilt of his head, he brushed their mouths together again.  "I mean, if I wanted to, I'd buy pink sunglasses or something."

"It is going to be bright and sunny tomorrow, though," Heero said, nipping him back.

"Yeah, well, it's been bright and sunny all week, so that doesn't mean anything."

"Good.  I'd hate for the weather to start meaning something."

Duo pressed a smile against his cheek, leading them out of the bathroom without loosening their embrace.  "If the birds start chirping, I'm gonna... well, I wouldn't hurt innocent birds, but I'd definitely close the windows."

"Sorry," Heero apologized as he stepped on Duo's toes.  They seemed to be heading slowly but surely towards Duo's room.  "Birds chirp all the time.  I'd only get worried if they jumped onto your shoulders and started singing."

They rubbed up against each other in their progress, reminding Duo that they had left Heero's shirt in the bathroom.  Gee, what a pity.  "And squirrels, too?  Yeah, that could be worrisome.  Hey, that reminds me.  We have to wash the car tomorrow.  Some stupid bird nailed the passenger side fender.  I blasted it off with the hose already, though."

"Alright," he answered, a corner of his lips curving upward.  "We were going to look at floor samples, too."

"After you sent off another progress report to Une."  They had to justify their income somehow.  Duo deliberately avoided thinking what the report was about.  He was still somewhat sore about it.

They paused against Duo's doorframe for another kiss or three.  Duo's grip on Heero finally loosened, but Heero did not relinquish his grasp in return.  "Tomorrow, it might be nice to..."

"Ooh, more plans?"

"Maybe we could..."  He spoke with a slowness that expressed an uncharacteristic hesitance, or perhaps careful thought.

"Hmm?"  Duo stroked his hipbone reassuringly.

"Tomorrow, we might also... wake up next to each other?"

Huhn.  Tomorrow was supposed to be the same as today... but it had been in the plan all along, right?  So maybe it didn't count as change.  Duo evaluated the idea as their next step carefully before he grinned and pulled Heero into the room with him.

one day, i'm going to go over all the scars i've written onto their skin at some point, and find that it's all very inconsistent. =p

and yes, the boys have moved ahead of my schedule, but please in no way take those last few lines as an implied lemon.  it's only time for them to start sleeping in the same bed, is all. *checks another step off the list*

oh, and *ahem* pardon the math terminology, as usual.

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berneynator From: berneynator Date: February 4th, 2010 03:33 am (UTC) (Link)

Review, Part IV

You are bad for my virtuous intentions of concentrating on school. It’s worth it, though! Who needs sleep?

It is so very Duo to name the hardware. And I love that you turn the typical ‘Heero is a machine’ into ‘machines share some qualities of Heero’s existence.’

‘Teacup’! I so hope this is a nickname that lingers.

It seems so very odd, to have Duo and Heero basically restricted to non-combat roles. I understand the reasoning, and even why they themselves might prefer it that way, but it requires a slight mental adjustment. It’s neat to see them doing police-type work, though. I liked Duo’s method of rearranging connections, and Heero being sweet in his own special way and offering to create a more efficient tool for Duo.

Aww, I feel so bad for both Duo and Heero in the hospital. I lean more towards supporting Heero’s decision, but I hate seeing them both hurting because Duo can’t help but see it as a betrayal. I hope this doesn’t have a lasting negative effect on their relationship!

The scene with Duo working out his feelings with Father Mackenzie was interesting – you have a way of really getting inside the characters’ heads, and drawing the reader in.

Hmm, remodeling the house… I agree with Duo, it’s definitely funny (and appropriate) that Heero’s way of shaking things up is so practical and security-conscious. It’s cute. I love the rubber-ducky curtain already in place! It will be interesting to see what else Duo want to do.

Duo would like the fish with odd names. I have to agree with him, actually. But the shark bit- do you think Duo would like Finding Nemo? ‘Fish are friends, not food.’

A vampire squid from hell? A sniper fish? Those are definitely kind of neat. Where did you come up with stuff like that? and the boys cuddling on the beach was quite adorable.

The fact that Heero is the ‘mushy’ one in this relationship will never cease to amaze me. I loved Duo restricting his use of sap, and Heero protesting that it’s his birthday.

That Heero is so excited over tiling on his birthday is just so cute. It makes me want to squish him, but Duo (and Heero, actually) would probably take exception. ‘The gift of fussing’! Oh! I am drowning in the cute. It’s a fun way to go, though!

Wow. I really love the scene in the bathroom, with Duo exploring Heero’s body. The tenderness, and the dawning sexual awareness, and Duo’s lips staging a small rebellion against his commands… *happy sigh* I’ve really enjoyed everything so far, but this scene really gets to me. It’s lovely.

The proofs! You get to my inner geek, as well as my inner sap. Kudos! And “my standard-sized teacup of nuttiness” – I really adore the nicknames you come up with. Not sure if I mentioned it before, but I was especially thrilled that Heero actually answered to “teacup” in the part about Mother’s Day.
turnippatch From: turnippatch Date: February 4th, 2010 07:29 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: Review, Part IV

If you're interested in my Heero/machine musings, I would point you in the direction of Axiomatic/Additive Identity... though not until, I dunno, spring break or something, when you've got more free time on your hands. ^^' It's really in those novellae where my true Heero fangirl colors show. ^^

I'm not sure what the future holds in store for the two of them, but I think they might become more active in the Preventers organization.  I think they'd be okay with being strict non-combatants for a while, but they're gonna have to itch for something a little more active eventually.  I just think they'll be better off having had this period of civilian life, though.

I think I saw v. infernalis on a documentary once... and I think for the archer/sniper fish, I visited the webpage of an aquarium to look for fish. ^_^ And I think Duo would probably be okay with fish being friends, not food, because I don't think he's really a big fish eater.  It'd be harder to transport to the colonies.

Heero is the sappy one... but only because he speaks the truth. ^_- I think, truth is, he's just amused by the whole notion.  I don't think he has to be sappy, but he's kind of tickled pink by the whole notion of being sappy and having someone to be sappy to.
2 comments or Leave a comment