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fic - lesson plans [haven] - the turnip patch
version 2.0
fic - lesson plans [haven]
Title:  Lesson Plans
Series:  Moments of Haven
Summary:  Syllabi are so very limiting sometimes.

Lesson Plans
A Moment of Haven

"Man, I was hoping never to have to sit in one of these things again," Duo complained, slipping around the tiny desk and flopping down in the chair.

The agent closest to him gave him a sympathetic smile.  "Yeah, reminds me of the ol' college days..."  His words trailed off as he realized the two agents next to him couldn't possibly be old enough to have gone to college.

Duo covered the would-be moment of awkwardness by sweeping along.  "It's like they're discouraging you from bringing anything to class.  Hmm, but it's just big enough to sleep on!"  Heero discreetly nudged the side of his boot with his own foot as he sat down at the desk next to him.  Duo 'accidentally' 'tapped' back.  "Not enough people here to get away with it, though," he finished with mournful good cheer.

The other agent smiled in a way that let them know he didn't have a response and the conversational space was divided again.  Heero kept up the small talk as he continued his evaluation of the other agents in the room.  "Your classroom is filled with these desks."

"Yeah, but I've got the big desk up front, and that's all that matters."

"Compensating much, Maxwell?"

"Ha ha.  You may not have any desks in your class, but you spend all your time beating up guys bigger than you are.  At least I'm being subtle."

"Subtle?  Subtle would be commandeering two of the desks for your use, not getting a desktop ten times as large as everyone else's."

"Hey, not like I had a choice.  They gave me that desk.  Guess they knew who the alpha male was."

Heero might have responded, but an agent stood at the front of the room and addressed the small gathering.  He introduced himself, laid out the basics of what they wanted to cover with this meeting, and then began to distribute packets from the formidable array of papers in front of him.  He reiterated the goals of the program before passing out a questionnaire for review.

Another agent stood.  Judging from the way he had not been handed any packets to add to the stack he already had in front of him, he was another program administrator.  "Maxwell, Shevtsova, Yuy.  Over here, please."  He led them to one corner of the room.  "You three are in charge of the advanced seminars.  The Preventers are especially interested in evaluating the success of these courses, so I have some additional materials for you."

Duo had scarcely drawn in the breath to mutter something to the effect of 'yippee' when he felt Heero's elbow bump lightly against his.  He almost rolled his eyes, but decided against it, not wanting his overly-vigilant partner to think he was acting out against their handlers despite the tacit warning.  He settled for letting out his indrawn breath at a just barely audible volume, enough for Heero to know it was quite deliberate, but not enough to catch the notice of the others.

"I'd like to hear what each of you think about the effectiveness of your classes," the agent began after giving them a few moments to glance over the extra paperwork.  "Maxwell, let's start with you.  Field improvisation, yes?"

"What about it?"  He thought he deserved points for not sounding wary or flippant.

"I have the syllabus you submitted here.  You should be about halfway through it.  How are the students responding to the lessons?"

Duo was quiet for a moment.  "Could you be more specific?"  He was really no good at interpreting management-speak.  Well, interpreting it in a positive way.  He was pretty darn good at reading negative things into it, but that was a habit he was trying to leave behind.  "D'you mean like, are they interested in it or something?  Or do you mean, how good are they...?"

"Both.  Were the right students chosen for the class, and should we offer the class again?"

"Uh, sure, why not?"  He blinked for a moment, wondering if he had unwittingly committed himself to teaching more of these courses, before continuing on with a more complete answer.  "Some are benefiting from it more than others, I guess, but overall, they're a good bunch.  Hard to gauge how much they're learning, but after I put someone on the spot, I don't get any more long, awkward pauses so much these days, not like I did in the beginning, so I guess something's working."

The agent nodded, seemingly satisfied with the answer.  "Alright, fair enough."  He paused for a brief notation in his sheaf of papers.  "We've received fairly positive feedback from the students so far.  You're called 'unconventional', but there don't seem to be any problems regarding that."

"Oh, hey, that reminds me.  Do I get a budget for this class?"

"A budget?  You should be able to use Preventers facilities for producing your class materials."

"Um, well, if you'll look at my almighty syllabus, you'll see that I'm kinda coming up on the explosives part of the class.  I figure you guys would probably not be wanting me to blow up Preventers facilities, right?  I mean, I can go raiding the janitor's closet if you want, but in a place like this, I'm sure I'm supposed to leave a paper trail a kilometer long."

The agent glanced surreptitiously at the syllabus, as if he had to confirm for himself that there would be some big booms shortly, and that some mad person higher up in the food chain had approved that.  "Well, I'm sure there won't be any problem getting you the materials you need for your class, but I'm not the one to talk to about that.  Requisitions would probably be able to tell you what you need to know."

"Great," Duo muttered.  The office of requisitions was like triplicate hell, but he pasted on an almost-smile.  "Yeah, okay, I'll drop by and chat with 'em."

"Uh... okay."  The agent shuffled through his papers again.  "Shevtsova.  Mission planning and ops.  Tell me how that's going."

Shevtsova showed the faintest hint of surprise, having to tear his glance away from the explosive-happy teenager sitting next to him.  He'd been a bit skeptical about the other two seminar teachers.  He was still a bit skeptical about them.  But their evaluator seemed to be taking them seriously, so he supposed they were legit.  Somehow.  He got his thoughts back to the business at hand and answered the question.  His students were a very sharp bunch.  He was pleased to work with them.  The round table approach he had set up was working splendidly.  There were no complaints about his performance.

After completing his notes on the second seminar, the agent in charge turned his attention to the third.  "Yuy.  How is the CQC course going?"

"I recommend that, after the course has been completed, each agent undergo testing by their respective agencies to evaluate their skills before use in a field situation.  Overall, the quality of the students is high, but there are a few that will require further experience to help them cope with a real combat situation."

"Uh, okay, duly noted."  It was a diplomatic answer.  The expression on the agent's face hinted just faintly that he had not been expecting highly informative recommendations at this time.  "You still have a few more weeks with them.  I'm sure there's still plenty yet for you to teach them."

Heero started a breath to answer, but let it go instead.  A few more weeks of sparring wouldn't help the ones he was thinking about.  They needed to get tossed into the meat grinder and spit back out again before they would really understand what it was all about.

The agent pulled a sheet of paper out of his stack and put it on top.  "We've heard reports that you were interested in choking your students out.  To simulate a 'real combat situation', I'm sure."

Heero tilted his head slightly in response.

Agent Shevtsova just barely refrained from allowing his eyebrows to shoot up into his hair line.

"When you first submitted your course materials," the agent continued.  "You were specifically asked to remove that lesson from the syllabus."

"I did remove it," Heero answered blandly.

"Taking it off the official syllabus doesn't count if you continue to include it in your class."

"I didn't include it in my class, as requested.  I offered the experience outside of the class.  It was entirely voluntary, just as I had always intended for it to be."

"Did anyone take you up on your offer?"

"No."  Their loss.

"Agent Yuy."  He flickered back and forth between being nonplussed, relieved, and stern.  "The course you are teaching is 'Close Quarters Combat'.  You are teaching technique.  We have other exercises to simulate combat situations.  For you to do so is outside the scope of your class."

Heero gave him a steady look of disagreement.  "A person cannot be effective at close quarters combat until he comprehends the immediacy of his situation.  He must also understand his limitations--"

"Limitations, yes," the agent agreed, happy for the opportunity to break in.  "You must understand the limitations of your class.  Certainly, no one disputes that experience in the field is perhaps the most effective teacher of all, but you are teaching a seminar.  An academic seminar, in a way.  You are not responsible for exposing your students to simulated field conditions.  You are not even a field agent."

Heero's gaze did not falter in the slightest.  In fact, it seemed to convey the idea that he could kill this insignificant man with his pinky finger, with or without field accreditation.  He tried to package that into a dry, ironic sort of look instead of a murderous sort of glare, but people often got those two confused when it came to him, so he decided to let the whole thing go with a slight shrug.  He would address this issue with Une later.  "There will be no further mention of choking anyone out during class."

"And no breaking of bones?"

"And no breaking of bones," he half-sighed.

The agent finally seemed satisfied and finished up their discussion with no further reprimand.  When they were all packing up to leave, Duo elbowed Heero in the ribs with a snicker.  "And here you thought I would be the trouble-maker."

Heero exhaled audibly.  "You just haven't gotten to the explosive part of your class, yet."

Duo grinned.  "Well, I'm getting there, so don't worry.  I'll probably be joining you in detention some time soon.  In fact, I think it's kind of my goal to do that.  Kinda missed my chance, back in that school.  Had to behave, and all that crap."

"I don't know what the point is of--"

He touched Heero on the shoulder briefly.  "Hey, don't gotta lecture me.  I get it.  And I agree.  And now that I think about it, I think you just totally stole my thunder.  Great, now when I make things go boom, everyone's just gonna think I'm copying you.  Ugh, I'm going to be such a loser!"

He won a faint smile from Heero.  "Guess you'll just have to one-up me."

"Sure will.  Now come on.  Let's go drop in on reqs.  I'm sure that'll cheer you right up!"

Heero snorted.

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