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fic - kiss it better [haven] - the turnip patch
version 2.0
fic - kiss it better [haven]
Title:  Kiss It Better
Series:  Moments of Haven
Summary:  After the hurt comes the comfort, right?

Kiss It Better
A Moment of Haven

"Mmm, the shower made me feel good, but this makes me feel great."  Any Heero in his bed was a good thing.  A half-naked one wasn't quite as good as a completely naked one, but it still ranked pretty highly.  Belly-down, which was a pity, but there were other things to be done in that situation.  Duo dropped himself next to him and slapped his ass.

Heero groaned.

"You just couldn't pull your shirt over your head, is that it?"

"'Couldn't' would imply some level of inability," Heero muttered defensively.

"You just 'didn't want to'."

"Exactly."  He'd laid down and stretched out, and then just hadn't gotten around to pulling his shirt on.  That was all.  It wasn't because his shoulder hurt or anything.

"I see."  Duo smiled and ran a teasing finger down his back, amused by the reflexive squirming, not so amused by the bruise he saw starting to form on Heero's upper arm.  "Can I take that to mean, then, you were leaving yourself here as a little present to me?"

"Will I get something good out of it?"

He leaned down to whisper in Heero's ear.  "Very."

"Then I'm all yours."  There was a short pause during which nothing happened, nothing except Heero realizing the flaw in his plans.  "Wait.  Will this involve me moving?"

Duo laughed low in his throat.  "You've gotten soft in your old age, Yuy."

Heero shifted, then flipped Duo over with a surprise attack.  "I can be hard where it matters."

"You're not supposed to wince when you say things like that, Yuy."  He laughed again, more heartily this time, reaching up to hook his arms over the back of Heero's neck.

Heero turned his head to nuzzle the inside of Duo's arm.  "Maybe I -am- getting soft."

"That explains the lack of a raging hard-on."  He wriggled his hips upward against Heero's, and met nothing interesting there that wasn't normally there.

The nuzzle turned into a nip.  "Not that kind of soft, idiot."

Duo grinned unrepentantly and wriggled some more.  "Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk, babe."

Heero clamped down on his motions with some strategic pressure.  "I saw the opportunity for a good comeback line.  I didn't want to let it pass.  And I've never used 'I don't feel up to it' as an excuse before."

"Well, if you're having trouble getting it up, I'm sure I could help you out with that."  Maybe Heero was stopping his lower body from having its way, but there was still another half of him free.  He leaned up to entice Heero's mouth into a kiss, and upon receiving full cooperation, he coaxed Heero off of him and onto his side.

Heero stopped things to pull Duo's hair out of the ties that had kept it up and out of the way during his shower, fussing with it to straighten it to his satisfaction.  "Do you always get this horny after you get your ass kicked?"

"I think the ass-kicking was mutual, darling," he answered sweetly, pulling his hair out of Heero's hands and tying it back carelessly.  "I remember a time when you used to be able to keep on going, even with two bullet holes in you.  You're not as young as you used to be, fly-boy."

"You didn't hit anything important."

"Then again, you didn't do anything important right after that, either.  'Cept get salt water in your wounds.  Ouch.  So maybe I shouldn't be surprised by what a little ass-kicking can do to you."  His fingers strutted victoriously upon Heero's chest.

"It wasn't a little ass-kicking."  Heero captured the fingers and kissed the knuckles.  "It was a little ass-kicking from one damn fine Gundam pilot, and that makes all the difference in the world."

"Oh, well, when you put it that way..."  He laughed and reinitiated the kissing.  It wasn't long before he slid a hand into Heero's hair.  His thumb started a massaging motion, did a little recon, and in due time informed his brain of its findings.  Duo pulled away with some soft parting kisses.  "Hey, turn over."

Heero was already turning back onto his belly before he even thought to ask a question.  "Why?"

Duo arranged him into a loose, comfortable position and when he was done, laid a hand on the back of Heero's neck.  "You know, there was a time when I thought this was all hard because you were just that ripped."  He brushed his fingers over the neck and shoulder muscles in question.  "Now, I realize it's because they're just that tense all the time."  Adding his other hand to the effort, he started a slow massage.

Heero hummed in appreciation, closing his eyes and enjoying it for a few seconds.  "Can I blame it on the fight?"

"No.  And it wasn't a fight.  We were sparring."

"Maybe we should practice sparring.  It feels like we suddenly became very bad at it."

Duo snorted.  "I'll say.  I don't know if you've suddenly become a whiner, or if you're better at sparring than I am, because I'm not the one moaning and groaning here."

"I'm only moaning and groaning because I can.  When you're done here, maybe you should try it.  It's kind of fun.  And it'll let me return the favor."

"Heh, you owe me -two- massages after this one, Yuy."  He dug in to the reluctant knot underneath his fingers and considered applying his elbow to it.  "I can't imagine I'm nearly as tense as you are.  Though maybe I will be after I'm done."

Heero chuckled.  "See?  I -am- always hard."

"Not that kind of hard, idiot."  He applied especially firm pressure with his hands and won a wince out of Heero.  He leaned down to lay a kiss on Heero's back in apology.  His cheek brushed against one of his hands and he paused, noting that it was, as usual, cooler than the rest of him, and Heero's back as well.  Hmmm...

"You know," Heero mused in a lazy tone.  "Class tomorrow is going to be interesting."

"Don't remind me.  God, we're pathetic.  I'm feeling more or less okay now, but I don't fancy waking up tomorrow morning.  Oh hell.  What are the kids going to say tomorrow?"

"They'll probably want us to do it again."

"Oh god."

"Who's whining now, hmmm?"

"Do you know how long it took me to get them back on topic today?"

"At least you're in a classroom.  As a fighting instructor, I have very few excuses not to teach my students how to fight."

"And I don't have too many excuses not to teach my kids how to improvise in the middle of combat."  Improvise... improvise... Oh, of course.  He patted Heero on the back.  "Hang on."

"Hmm?"  Heero opened his eyes to try to track Duo's movements, but he was unwilling to twist his body far enough to do so effectively.

Duo leaned over to open one of the drawers next to the bed and pull a bottle out.  He hummed thoughtfully to himself as he read the label.  "Hmmm.  Yup, there it is.  I thought so."  He popped back to his original position, and noticing that Heero was trying to figure out what was going on, obligingly swung the bottle into Heero's field of view.  "Self-warming, and perfectly suitable for massages."

Heero made an amused sound, but settled back down.  "First time we crack it open, and it's not even for sex?"

"Told you I could find a way to make it work-related.  Might as well consider this a test-run."

"I'm sure it works as advertised, Duo."

"Well, sure.  But that doesn't mean I want any surprises."  He carefully pumped a small drop of lube onto his finger and rubbed it experimentally against the back of his hand.  "Huh.  Maybe I need more for the whole self-warming thing to kick in.  I guess it's not cool, though, so maybe that's warming?"

"Didn't we agree that, with where that's going, we didn't want it to be burning hot?"

"Yeah, I guess."  He squeezed out a larger quantity this time and smoothed it across the space between Heero's shoulderblades.  "It's kind of slippery."

Heero chuckled.  "It's lubrication.  It's its job to be slippery."

"True..."  He massaged with it a little to test out its physical properties, then squeezed out a little more and worked with it again.  "Okay, I can see how it works as lube, but I don't get how it works for massage."

"Mmm, feels like it's working just fine to me."  Of course, Duo could have been working with microwaved butter for all Heero cared at the moment.

"Yeah, but let me step into your anal shoes for a sec here and say, yay it's not too runny so you don't have to worry about making a mess with it, but it still needs to be wiped off afterward.  Not like you're just going to climb right into bed with all this stuff on your back."

"Yay for wetnaps."

"Which are cold, which totally counteracts the whole warming thing."

"We can get some little towels, then.  Something small and easy to wash."

Duo tried to picture it in his head and laughed.  "God, we're going to have an entire drawer full of cleaning products next to our bed.  Isn't sex stuff supposed to be kinkier than that?"

"I wouldn't mind keeping a full-sized towel around, too.  To go underneath, maybe.  In case we miss."

He tried to figure out if Heero was kidding, and decided he wasn't.  "Geez, I'm beginning to think we're better off as we are now, never making it to the bed before we come.  Ever stop and think that maybe sex is supposed to be messy?"

"I don't mind it being messy.  I just don't see why it should make everything else messy, too."

Duo decided that, for his own sanity, he had best let it drop.  "Whatever," he declared, putting a close to the matter.  He reached into the drawer of cleaning products and pulled out a wetnap to wipe all the lube off.

"Ha," Heero said smugly, once Duo had finished and tossed the wetnap into the bin located conveniently close to the bed.  "Told you the trash can would come in handy."

"Oh, shut up already.  Why do I put up with you?"

"Because it's your turn?"  Heero had their positions reversed in very short order.

Duo's protest was very mild.  "Hey, I thought you were tired?"

"You're tired, too," Heero answered softly, reminding his hands that they were supposed to be massaging, not just enjoying the feel of Duo's bare skin.

"Mmmmm.  Oh yeah.  Yeah, that's good."

Too tired for any real sexual activity, perhaps, but that didn't stop Duo's words from zinging down to the pit of his belly to try to start something.  He could order the rest of his body to cooperate with him, no matter the physical discomfort, but that one part of him that wasn't very good about taking orders had apparently decided that, at the moment, Heero was just going to have to settle for a good tingle and a shot of warmth.

"Oof," Duo murmured.  "That smarts."

Heero lightened his touch and remembered when he had slammed Duo to the mats with more force than he had intended.  He bent to press his lips to the ache.  "Let me kiss that better for you."

"Mmm, you do that.  Ooh, I think I got some other things you have to kiss and make better."

He took Duo up on his suggestion and kissed the spot on Duo's lower back that he had elbowed.  He kissed Duo's hand, the one he'd come close to stomping on.  He kissed Duo's shoulder, the one he'd twisted uncomfortably when trying to get Duo into a hold.  He enticed Duo into rolling over, and then kissed his forearms each in turn, banged up from blocking.  He breathed teasingly on a nipple, but he hadn't scored any hits there, so he moved on.

Duo made a mock-offended sound and gave his head a light shove.

Heero smiled against his skin and moved south.  There'd been a shot to Duo's right side, so it earned a kiss.  And then there was the hit he'd landed that Duo had taken low on his hip, and maybe Duo's boxers were in the way, but not for long.  Heero pulled them out of the way to give the wound its just compensation, and heck, since those boxers were halfway off anyway and Duo was practically exposed, there wasn't really any reason for him not to just finish the job and be rid of them altogether.

For bonus points, he had Duo sufficiently distracted that he barely even noticed their loss, but in time he did, and after a muzzy blink, he looked down his body and found Heero looking back up at him with soft eyes, chin resting beside his hipbone.  "Um.  Hey."

"Hey."  Heero smiled and pressed another kiss to his hipbone before glancing pointedly at Duo's crotch.  "Looks like you're doing better than I am."

"Huh."  He hadn't expected his dick could reach half-mast under the conditions, with every indication of being ready for more.  He wagged his finger disapprovingly at it.  "You weren't supposed to do that."

"Aw, don't be so hard on it.  It just wants to play."  Heero slipped his hand underneath and gave him a bit of a fondle.

Duo's eyes slid shut involuntarily.  "Couldn't it have chosen some time when I don't want to go to sleep?  Or at least, lie here like a lazy bum?"  He felt Heero's hand shift on his hips, giving him the strange impression that Heero was holding him down for some reason.  And then his eyes snapped open, his hips bucked involuntarily, and he yelped.

The sound that Heero made was too warm for a snicker, but it was still a snicker.  But it was sort of a snicker to himself instead of a snicker at Duo because it was done offhandedly enough that it didn't distract him in the slightest from studying the moist trail he had just left on Duo's dick with his tongue.  "I wonder why it's called a blow job."

Of all the things to hear after having his penis licked, that certainly wasn't what Duo was expecting.  "What?"  He got only visual warning, Heero puckering his lips, and then there was a stream of air cooling that line of moisture and it was only a supreme effort of will that kept his hips where they were.  "Christ, Heero!  I don't think that's what they mean by 'blow job'!"

"Really?  Because this seems to be working rather well."  He took another swipe at Duo, more wetly than last time, and gently blew across it again.

Duo whimpered.  "Oh god."  Several deep breaths later, he glared down at his partner.  "Hot, Yuy!  Hot!  You suck a guy off and it's his hot, wet mouth that's the good part!  Not cold!"

Heero blinked at him.  "Really."

Duo blinked back, a slight flush heating his cheeks.  "Really."  According to all reports and any imagination, anyway.

"Huh."  Heero contemplated that for a few long seconds.  "So why's it called a blow job?"

"I haven't a fucking clue, Heero."

"Oh."  He pondered that for a few more seconds before shrugging philosophically and swirling his tongue, hot and wet as ordered, around the crown of Duo's penis.

"Oh god," Duo breathed again.  "Oh god, I'm gonna hate myself in a few seconds, but you have got to stop doing that."

Heero stopped immediately and pulled back.  "Did I get that wrong?"

"God, no.  Just..."  He took a deep breath and let it back out slowly.  "Save it for another day, okay?  'Cuz I swear, if you make me come now, I'm tuckered out enough that I won't be able to return the favor, and then I'll feel really shitty about it, and, well, that's just not how I want things to be."

There was another moment of consideration.  "Fair enough."  Heero released him and moved back up his body so they were even again.

Duo stared at him.  "What the hell, Heero?  Just what the hell?"

Heero shrugged.  "Well, I was down there, and I just got to wondering..."

"Gah!"  Duo grabbed him by one shoulder and shook him lightly.  "Just... gah!"

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