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anonymous comments - the turnip patch
version 2.0
anonymous comments
Because I insist on my traditions... we see the return of my anonymous comment page!  Yes, hardly necessary in v2.0's format, but I insist.

All comments to this post are private and screened and mailed directly to me.  Any comment submitted to this post will not be displayed to the public.  As with all my fic posts, anonymity is permitted, for those of us who don't want to delurk, or perhaps just don't have LJ accounts.  You can also use this post if maybe you just aren't keen on having your comments aired to the public.

I generally did not make it a habit of responding to my anonymous comments. Usually because they were anonymous.  Only occasionally when contact info was left.  In this new forum, apparently if I respond to your comment, then the comment will be automatically unscreened, which defeats the purpose of this post.  Therefore, I appreciate any and all feedback you may leave behind on this post, but do not expect a response.  If you would like a response, please feel free to use one of my other feedback posts, or leave your comments in response to one of the fics.

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